Your country needs you! Home, holidays and identity. The schools are back and summer is drawing to a close but if I mentioned leaving home for two weeks you might think. Packing, sea, sun, sangria and holidays. But for many of us, returning home is a holiday. We are live-in carers and packing to leave … READ MORE

Your country needs you!

When asked to write a blog about Wimbledon I gave an audible sigh. That’s Wimbledon as in tennis not the town per se. Showing my age, I thought, Wombles, Cliff Richard singing and rain.   So here’s the thing. I don’t really get sport. Humans run around or move slowly (argh!) and poke balls into … READ MORE

Wimbledon, Wombles, Cliff Richard, rain.

National carers week. 10th -16th June Always be kind and Do not test on animals. Read on to find out why these two statements are linked. I am guessing, national carers week, was something that didn’t even exist when I started live in care work 26 years ago. That advert in The Lady magazine and … READ MORE

National carers week. 10th -16th June 2019

Not all that glitters… is gold. My trip to the Cannes Film Festival 2019. We may have #metoo but we still also have, compulsory wearing of high heels but only for women. Hmm. Every year I wonder at the spectacle that is the glitterati fest on the Cote d’Azur. This year was no exception except … READ MORE

Rocketman. Not all that glitters. Cannes Film Festival 2019

What does your Easter parade consist of? Bunnies, bonnets and boiled eggs? In recent years Easter has meant one thing to some people. Ooh, two bank holidays (in UK) and therefore double pay for many workers. I know, terribly cynical, sorry. But in the same way as with so many religious/ public holidays, consumerism and … READ MORE

What does your Easter parade consist of?

  Desperate housewife. When life imitates art.  Felicity Huffman or Lynette Scavo? As soon as the news broke that desperate housewife Felicity Huffman had been arrested for bribery I thought…Lynette…that’s you all over! That pushy, nothing is good enough for her kids, desperate housewife and her poor husband convinced that he needs to make mega … READ MORE

Desperate housewife. When life imitates art.  Felicity Huffman or Lynette Scavo?

    What could an Australian advert for rubbish and Shrove Tuesday possibly have in common? **Answer at the end.   Food and friendship can play a large part in any carer’s raison d’etre. So, linking Pancake day on the 5th March and International women’s day, 8th March with Women Welcome Women World Wide, carers … READ MORE

Australian advert for rubbish and Shrove Tuesday

At Care and Choice we understand that choosing how you want to be cared for as you become less able is a difficult and emotional thing to do. Selecting a care home, live-in Caregiver or home help for yourself or your loved ones is a big responsibility at any time. By necessity it is a … READ MORE

Care and choice. Caregivers individually chosen for your needs