Each month I am reading a new author. I want to learn what makes them successful. What is their appeal? Of course I will struggle, like most people, not to be subjective but I will try… Here are three first pages from well known authors. I say well known in the sense that I see … READ MORE

One new author per month. Help please.

The perfect way to spend 5 NICE days and four nights on the Cote D’Azur on a budget. Okay, I live 20 kms away and have been here for over eight years but there are still places I haven’t seen or really want to revisit. It just is… the most spectacular place. So, here are … READ MORE

5 NICE days on the Cote D’Azur on a budget

As soon as I saw this image of ‘Life begins at 60’ I knew I had to find this old photo. Always loved books and trees. I go on enough about books. Here is proof of my love of trees.

Throw Back Thursday

Many people spend their whole adult lives wondering what went wrong during their childhood but I blame Butlins holiday camps. Some people suggest I am different. A little weird. Bonkers even… Then, going through some old family photos at Christmas I found the evidence I thought was lost forever. Proof. How did you expect me … READ MORE

ThrowBackThursday. Butlins holiday camps & fancy dress competitions

Thanks to Suzanna Burke and her great idea: Selfies of Success.

Selfies of success

If you suffer from arthritic pains, help is at hand, thanks to Emu Oil! Over the years I have tried various lotions and potions for aching joints, due to arthritis, with varying success. But nothing seems to work as well as Emu Oil. I first discovered this wonderful product last time I was in Australia … READ MORE

How to relieve arthritic pain. Emu Oil.

Funny how grey, misty days in England make me go…ugh, but in Tourrettes-sur-Loup I see a mystical morning! Did you spot the three white chairs in the bottom right hand corner? Glowing brightly… waiting for the sun to return 🙂

Mystical morning in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France

Bert and Ernie maybe a little young for some of the content but who can be sure? Bert: Whoah. Information overload here! Ernie: Whaddya mean Bert? Bert: Condoms and body piercings! Ernie: Erm Bert, I thought the book was about GRANNY sitting in the South of France? Bert: Well it is Ernie but then there … READ MORE

Look who is reading my books…Bert and Ernie!