If you suffer from arthritic pains, help is at hand, thanks to Emu Oil! Over the years I have tried various lotions and potions for aching joints, due to arthritis, with varying success. But nothing seems to work as well as Emu Oil. I first discovered this wonderful product last time I was in Australia … READ MORE

How to relieve arthritic pain. Emu Oil.

Funny how grey, misty days in England make me go…ugh, but in Tourrettes-sur-Loup I see a mystical morning! Did you spot the three white chairs in the bottom right hand corner? Glowing brightly… waiting for the sun to return 🙂

Mystical morning in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France

Bert and Ernie maybe a little young for some of the content but who can be sure? Bert: Whoah. Information overload here! Ernie: Whaddya mean Bert? Bert: Condoms and body piercings! Ernie: Erm Bert, I thought the book was about GRANNY sitting in the South of France? Bert: Well it is Ernie but then there … READ MORE

Look who is reading my books…Bert and Ernie!

Guidelines for writing really helpful book reviews.   Tip #1. No spoilers please. Tip #2. Despite amazon’s encouragement to do so…don’t write the review immediately upon finishing the book. Tip #3 Think reader/think writer. All of the above will become clear as you read on.   When I started a literary group I wanted to … READ MORE

Guidelines for writing book reviews. Dennis Wheatley to Kathy Reichs

Or how my head took over from my heart. It started as a Saturday job to earn some ‘pin’ money. But I soon found I was a natural. Hair was putty in my hands, so to speak. I was coached by a well known local hairdresser, Ian McCleod. He deserves a nod. The national final … READ MORE

Winner of National hairdressing competition. 1970

Since writing All Expenses Paid (fact meets fiction) I have had the privilege and pleasure to meet these ‘Bettys’ and call them my friends. Ladies, I salute you all.        

Thanks to all my ‘Bettys’

When my mate Terri Stirling was still physically with us, we used to do these, A-Z games to see what we were thinking. I love the words that come up sometimes surprise us and we say, eh? Why that word? There were some surprises here but after a little thought I could explain them all. … READ MORE

Is there a singleton gene? My A-Z of the single life

Oh not again. We did this last year! ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Well, for a start off I am pretty jolly most of the year. I don’t need to be told when to feel it and thereby hangs the crux of the matter. At least Christmas ‘looks’ nice. All sparkly in Tourrettes-sur-Loup last … READ MORE

Not Christmas again?! Why I loathe the yuletide extravaganza.