No more PPI’s or Gaviscon. A natural life saver. Aloe Vera.   The trouble with drugs is they have side effects. Okay, maybe you need drug #1. Can’t live without it so what do you do? Hopefully the side effects are not too bad or else you could be in line for…yep! Drug #2 and … READ MORE

No more PPIs or Gaviscon A natural life saver Aloe Vera.

Elderly lady needs care home… As a carer of elderly and vulnerable people for over twenty four years I am not one to mock the afflicted. So, just to be clear. #Postingforafriend An elderly/disillusioned/confused-looking lady needs care home. Too much for one carer. Must be able to cope with persistent condescending, supercilious, disingenuous attitude. #NotAlzheimers … READ MORE

Elderly lady needs care home #weakandwobbly

Easyjetters. If you fly frequently you will have spotted some if not all of these creatures. The casually coiffed, adorned with a cashmere cardigan, carrying a large handbag with a roughly folded copy of The Telegraph sticking out. The lone teenager going to stay with friends of the family. Loafers, no socks. Trying to look … READ MORE


Sally Brampton and Virginia Woolf. When I first saw Sally Brampton’s name trending on twitter today I felt that shudder that prequels bad news. And sure enough, she has left us. Before I knew how, I thought of Virginia Woolf. This is an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s suicide note to her husband. …You have given … READ MORE

Sally Brampton and Virginia Woolf

Finders, keepers? Costa coffee I am sure I will be accused by some of making mountains out of molehills but there is a moral principle at stake here. I was working in the UK some time ago near a bevy of pubs, restaurants and cafes. Lucky me you might say but with only 2 hours … READ MORE

Finders, keepers? Costa Coffee

Did Prince think his religious beliefs were worth dying for? I know we are still waiting for the full toxicology report but when I saw these three words, I for one was sure. Hospital. Jehovah’s Witness. It is well documented that Prince left hospital quickly after his bout of flu-like symptoms that meant his plane … READ MORE

Did Prince think his religious beliefs were worth dying for?

Helping children with cancer. Why 7 inches is better! That got your attention, hopefully. It may seem a little incongruous when you see what this relates to but I think it is worth it. When I watch the news, look around the world at the state it is in I mostly feel helpless. However, if … READ MORE

Helping children with cancer

  40 years ago I was standing in the shower, looking across to the bay of Antibes and thought, I want this! 22 years ago I started making real changes. No more 9-5. 12 years ago I turned my dream into reality. From Sutton Coldfield to the south of France via Southampton. The story of … READ MORE

40 years ago I was standing in the shower…