Valentine’s blog… by Helen Ducal14th February around the world means hearts and flowers, right? The origins appear to… Posted by Care and Choice Limited on Saturday, 16 February 2019  

valentine’s day

November 5th and Alzheimers Worth mentioning. I remember the 5th November last year. I was looking after a lady of 87 in London. Her Alzheimers allowed her to have normal conversations about the past, but her day to day, short term memory was very limited. So when she went to bed at 10 p.m I … READ MORE

November 5th- Alzheimers

No more PPI’s or Gaviscon. A natural life saver. Aloe Vera.   The trouble with drugs is they have side effects. Okay, maybe you need drug #1. Can’t live without it so what do you do? Hopefully the side effects are not too bad or else you could be in line for…yep! Drug #2 and … READ MORE

No more PPIs or Gaviscon A natural life saver Aloe Vera.

Elderly lady needs care home… As a carer of elderly and vulnerable people for over twenty four years I am not one to mock the afflicted. So, just to be clear. #Postingforafriend An elderly/disillusioned/confused-looking lady needs care home. Too much for one carer. Must be able to cope with persistent condescending, supercilious, disingenuous attitude. #NotAlzheimers … READ MORE

Elderly lady needs care home #weakandwobbly

Easyjetters. If you fly frequently you will have spotted some if not all of these creatures. The casually coiffed, adorned with a cashmere cardigan, carrying a large handbag with a roughly folded copy of The Telegraph sticking out. The lone teenager going to stay with friends of the family. Loafers, no socks. Trying to look … READ MORE


Sally Brampton and Virginia Woolf. When I first saw Sally Brampton’s name trending on twitter today I felt that shudder that prequels bad news. And sure enough, she has left us. Before I knew how, I thought of Virginia Woolf. This is an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s suicide note to her husband. …You have given … READ MORE

Sally Brampton and Virginia Woolf

Finders, keepers? Costa coffee I am sure I will be accused by some of making mountains out of molehills but there is a moral principle at stake here. I was working in the UK some time ago near a bevy of pubs, restaurants and cafes. Lucky me you might say but with only 2 hours … READ MORE

Finders, keepers? Costa Coffee

Did Prince think his religious beliefs were worth dying for? I know we are still waiting for the full toxicology report but when I saw these three words, I for one was sure. Hospital. Jehovah’s Witness. It is well documented that Prince left hospital quickly after his bout of flu-like symptoms that meant his plane … READ MORE

Did Prince think his religious beliefs were worth dying for?