The best care agency in the ‘world’ Blog #11

The best care agency in the ‘world’ Blog #11   Hello! I am going to start with the next item from my goody bag. Which as it turns out is spot on when it comes to this month’s topic.    ‘French people don’t believe that anything is important except daily living.’  Gertrude Stein I used … READ MORE

valentine’s day

Valentine’s blog… by Helen Ducal14th February around the world means hearts and flowers, right? The origins appear to… Posted by Care and Choice Limited on Saturday, 16 February 2019  

French boulangerie diet fail ;-)

French boulangerie diet fail! With the wind in the right direction I am acutely aware of the boulangerie along my street. I can usually manage to resist a pain au chocolat mid morning and I always have a proper lunch between 12.30 and 1.30 but it’s the gouter time from 4 p.m onwards that tests … READ MORE