Suzie Armani Penrose. 08/05/1930–27/03/2024 If you knew Suzie like I knew Suzie…Yep, that’s the tune that always comes to mind.  Oh what a gal…She sure was. Although I am so sad that I will never see her or hear her laugh again, whenever I think of her, she makes me smile, big time.  That’s a … READ MORE

If you knew Suzie…

A Day to Remember. 15 April 2013. 8 a.m and I have opened  two birthday cards already.  Actually opened them at for want of something better to do.  This was never a birthday I could have imagined. In pain and back with my parents. And about to cash in my pension.  Right, enough self … READ MORE

A Day to Remember 15 April 2013

Back in the UK in June 2019 and based in Hastings so why book a ticket for the Elton John concert in December 2020 in Dublin, Ireland? Friends. That’s the answer. In 2003 I moved to Angouleme, France where I  met a fellow Brummie ( someone born/grew up in Birmingham) Terri Stirling was a force … READ MORE

Friends and funerals

Let me paint a picture…         Peanut.         Milk.                                                   Bleach.  How they all affect me. The first one would mean probably breaking a tooth. The … READ MORE

One size fits all? Really…does it?

   Street theatre for a single observer In 800 words. In Praise of Smoking   Like Waiting for Godot with added nicotine. Location: Cagnes-sur-mer, France. Train station.  Summer 2019.    I can’t believe I’m saying this but just seen evidence that smoking is not only good for you it can build bridges too.  There is … READ MORE

In praise of smoking. In 800 words.

Again, just for fun and see how many of you really do ‘know’ me… Here are 6 more jobs. Herbalife distributor. Housekeeper/cook to Michael Jackson. Communications officer. Civilian role with Police. Lollipop lady. Sous chef at small French restaurant. Trainee estate agent. ** 5 of the above I applied for. 1, I never applied for. … READ MORE

More jobs!

Just for fun. 12 jobs that I have done. 1 is a lie but which one? Vacuum cleaner sales agent. Manicurist. College lecturer. Sales agent: Educational equipment. Hair and beauty salon owner. Children’s entertainer. Market researcher for sanitary products company. Campsite rep. Taxi driver. Avon lady. YTS monitor/trainer. Hotel: housekeeping.

How many jobs?!

Midlife inertia! You having a larf…?   So what exactly got my blood boiling recently?  Nothing to do with Trump,  Brexit  or even the dreaded Covid.  Nope it was an article in The Telegraph written by Kate Mulvey.  Of course she’s totally entitled to her opinion and I always find people’s ideas interesting but what … READ MORE

Midlife inertia!