In praise of smoking. In 800 words.

   Street theatre for a single observer In 800 words. In Praise of Smoking   Like Waiting for Godot with added nicotine. Location: Cagnes-sur-mer, France. Train station.  Summer 2019.    I can’t believe I’m saying this but just seen evidence that smoking is not only good for you it can build bridges too.  There is … READ MORE

Best job in the world. Care and Choice. #5

For those of you following my blog you will recall that I wanted to reminisce this month about travelling throughout the UK whilst doing care work for the last twenty eight years. However, the memory from my goody bag was looming large, especially at the moment so I decided to focus on that instead. Plus, … READ MORE

What does your Easter parade consist of?

What does your Easter parade consist of? Bunnies, bonnets and boiled eggs? In recent years Easter has meant one thing to some people. Ooh, two bank holidays (in UK) and therefore double pay for many workers. I know, terribly cynical, sorry. But in the same way as with so many religious/ public holidays, consumerism and … READ MORE