The best job in the world #12 Care and Choice.

The best job in the world #12. Care and Choice. Getting engaged.  No, not that kind although I am wearing an old engagement ring, it was never mine. More of that later.  What do I mean about getting engaged?  More accurately I could say that the emphasis should be on engaging with people. Over the … READ MORE

Best job in the world. Care and Choice. #5

For those of you following my blog you will recall that I wanted to reminisce this month about travelling throughout the UK whilst doing care work for the last twenty eight years. However, the memory from my goody bag was looming large, especially at the moment so I decided to focus on that instead. Plus, … READ MORE

valentine’s day

Valentine’s blog… by Helen Ducal14th February around the world means hearts and flowers, right? The origins appear to… Posted by Care and Choice Limited on Saturday, 16 February 2019