So there I was on the bus from Nice to Vence when I spotted a Tati Danielle look-a-like. It is years since I saw the film but that profile sticks in one’s mind. Not to mention the fact that I have had a fair few clients over the years who have emulated her demeanour. I … READ MORE

I spotted Tati Danielle

Books that belong together. There are many categories of books. I won’t bother to list them all. But sometimes fiction and non fiction just ask to be side by side. How could I resist? ūüėČ This is ASmileADay #134¬†

Books that belong together

Sometimes it is all you need. An owl in my teacup. When you work 22/7 as a live-in carer you can sometimes feel isolated, alone, even. I won’t say lonely because there isn’t time for that, particularly if you have a client with dementia; normal conversation can be ¬†somewhat sparse. Hence talking to yourself (usually … READ MORE

An owl in my teacup

Universal sign in Nice. Student days… I had taken a stroll along the promenade d’Anglais, the first time since the 14th of July. I surveyed the thousands of tributes neatly lining a small area of the promenade and many more across the road opposite. I particularly noticed the amount of soft toys. I recalled reading … READ MORE

Student days Universal sign in Nice

Allez les bleus. That is what I said ¬†to the driver as I got off the local bus from Vence to Tourrettes-sur-Loup. My French leaves a lot to be desired but I am told I have a good accent. So as he hadn’t replied, I added, ce soir. To which he smiled, nodded and said…Je … READ MORE

Allez les Bleus

French boulangerie diet fail! With the wind in the right direction I am acutely aware of the boulangerie along my street. I can usually manage to resist a pain au chocolat mid morning and I always have a proper lunch between 12.30 and 1.30 but it’s the gouter time from 4 p.m onwards that tests … READ MORE

French boulangerie diet fail ;-)

I ordered a parcel online with Amazon France¬†Livraison rapide. For my British chums ( who remembers Antoine de Caunes in Eurotrash?) this means a parcel will be delivered at break neck speed. Okay, so It was Friday night when I placed the order so I wasn’t expecting it the next day. I thought Monday (Sunday … READ MORE

Amazon France  Livraison rapide

Write a letter to Father Christmas. Post in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France. ASmileADay #128 Hurry. Only two days left if you want an answer from Father Christmas. Do other towns and villages do this?  

Letter to Father Christmas