The best job in the world. Care and Choice #6 

The best job in the world. Care and Choice #6   Moving nearer to family And To zoom or not to zoom that is the question?   Very nearly eighty years old and a friend starts to consider her options. Two grown up sons both married with children and they live about a five hours … READ MORE

Best job in the world. Care and Choice. #5

For those of you following my blog you will recall that I wanted to reminisce this month about travelling throughout the UK whilst doing care work for the last twenty eight years. However, the memory from my goody bag was looming large, especially at the moment so I decided to focus on that instead. Plus, … READ MORE

Care and Choice. The best job in the world. #3

As a keyworker I  have been staying in Airbnbs between jobs. Now, there are two things that frustrate me in life generally. People who don’t make an effort when first meeting others and those who don’t check their facts! 😉 So just imagine how disgruntled I felt by a very lukewarm reception at my new … READ MORE

Student days Universal sign in Nice

Universal sign in Nice. Student days… I had taken a stroll along the promenade d’Anglais, the first time since the 14th of July. I surveyed the thousands of tributes neatly lining a small area of the promenade and many more across the road opposite. I particularly noticed the amount of soft toys. I recalled reading … READ MORE