The best job in the world #14 Care and Choice

Have any of your clients inspired you?  Have they helped you map out plans for your own dotage? Ever looked at something and wondered about its significance? Answers below. In my experience the clients with large, supportive family and friends view their impending demise quite differently to those who remain alone and independent.  The ones … READ MORE

The best care agency in the ‘world’ Blog #11

The best care agency in the ‘world’ Blog #11   Hello! I am going to start with the next item from my goody bag. Which as it turns out is spot on when it comes to this month’s topic.    ‘French people don’t believe that anything is important except daily living.’  Gertrude Stein I used … READ MORE

Care and Choice blog #8 The best job in the world.

The best job in the world. Full circle aka the boomerang effect.   The grass aint always greener but perhaps you think, like me, that it’s worth checking just to be sure.  Three years ago I very reluctantly arrived in Hastings after living very happily in France since 2003.   I was one of many commuting … READ MORE

Care and Choice. The best job in the world. #3

As a keyworker I  have been staying in Airbnbs between jobs. Now, there are two things that frustrate me in life generally. People who don’t make an effort when first meeting others and those who don’t check their facts! 😉 So just imagine how disgruntled I felt by a very lukewarm reception at my new … READ MORE

The best job in the world. Care and Choice

The best job in the world. Care and Choice. The job I meant to do for twelve months has lasted 28 years and I find myself reflecting on just how much has changed. I would like to say for the better but has it? In 1993 I turned down a job with a book publisher/distributor,  … READ MORE

Your country needs you!

Your country needs you! Home, holidays and identity. The schools are back and summer is drawing to a close but if I mentioned leaving home for two weeks you might think. Packing, sea, sun, sangria and holidays. But for many of us, returning home is a holiday. We are live-in carers and packing to leave … READ MORE