The best job in the world #19 Care and Choice

The best job in the world. Care and Choice #19

M’aider & how we say it now.


I have to confess I love etymology. Many years ago I worked for a couple in their late 80s who were very ‘with it’

Every mealtime we would dissect another word or saying, often prompted by something in the news.

Image: Engineering Insider.

The first day of May was easy one. Why, I wondered do sailors in distress call out. Mayday, Mayday.

It derives from the the French, M’aider. Help me but unless you are French or have the ear it can easily sound like mayday and so it was adopted.


Don’t do a Dame Edna.

Dame Edna

Barry Humphries was all set to start touring again when he…tripped over a rug!

In his words…It was the most ridiculous thing.

He was only reaching for a book. Then followed complications after hip surgery.

Image: EdnaCare(Switzerland)and Megastar Productions. 

Rugs are definitely a hazard but so many clients absolutely refuse to move them. One client had hers all glued to the carpet underneath but often there is still that pesky fringe.

Their argument is usually along the lines of…Don’t be silly, the rugs have been there for years and I have never fallen over them. Then ensues that (how to be tactful) conversation about their age/balance/eyesight etc.

No one wants reminding but sometimes age is not the issue. I mean, think about Michael Schumacher hurtling at great speed around a veritable death trap in a metal box and he is fine.

He goes skiing and hits a bump. The rest is history.

Of course we cannot wrap ourselves or our clients in cotton wool but rugs are a worry.

Do you agree?


Going for a Burton.

As I watched a plate liberally smeared with remnants of butter and marmalade being  balanced on the arm of the sofa, I immediately thought…I can see that going for a Burton?

As I grabbed the offending article I commented out loud, Hmm, wonder where that comes from?

Not to be confused with the plate I added, That expression.

So often we say things that cannot be literally translated. As I lived in France for 18 years I often find myself now thinking that you simply cannot translate these things. Wonder what good old google would have to say about it?

Probably offer you a map of Derbyshire?

Now I know, I probably won’t say it again. It’s a bit like, Ringa, ringa roses. A delightful children’s ditty about the plague?!

So, Going for a Burton goes back to the RAF around the second world war when pilots went off on a sortie and didn’t come back. As in, going for a ‘Burton’s ale’ Too sad.

I should have ignored the plate, risked it and cleaned the sticky concoction off the carpet if necessary.

N.B. Since writing this I have discovered something that is linked and will make you smile.

Where there is a will there is a way!

You can check out the article at: Martyn Cornell.

We’ll be flying over at 13,000 [feet] so the beer will be cold enough when you arrive.’

When needs must…;-)



The art of discretion or…Not my story to tell.

Even after thirty years of live-in care work I still find myself slipping back into hairdresser mode but 99% of the time I manage to intercept the thought before it comes out of my mouth.

Hairdressers (in my experience) in the 1970s and 80s were the font of all knowledge and let’s be honest, local gossip!

I am pretty sure the expression, Not my story to tell, never saw the light of day.

We may have prefaced the outpouring with, I heard from so and so’s neighbour’s cousin, once removed, hoping this would mitigate any legal action but I don’t think we really considered the many possible consequences to our speculations.

So, now, as a carer and privy to many snippets of ‘interesting information’ they stay in the vault unless of course the subject matter is of a life threatening nature.

The mantra that comes to mind is, least said soonest mended. 😉


Will AI ever be in Vogue?  Anna Wintour and AI.

In Vogue

Will Vogue still be ‘in vogue’ in another 100 years time?

Image: Yumpu. 

Reading an interview in The Telegraph with the editor of Vogue I have decided if I don’t come back as a tall man in my next life ( done the short woman thing) I’d like to be a mysterious woman, behind dark glasses.

Most of the time I wear my heart on my sleeve and it doesn’t always serve me well.

It has only taken me a lifetime to work that out. We are the same generation, me and Anna, or is it Anna and I?

Me and Anna sounds cozy, got a touch of the Alan Bennett’s about it.

Anna and I sounds like Maggie Smith might be about to start regailing us with something quite startling.

Either way, same generation and an endless curiousity about life and people and places.

Anna is still open to the possibilities that all the new technologies offer.

Will a cover of Vogue ever be created by AI?

Anna replies (I’m paraphrasing) Never say never.

And with that I concur. Constantly curious keeps you young.

Just mind out for that rug!!!


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