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Most people have passions. Some keep them hidden. With some they get out of control. I have always found the best way to deal with them is to express them through creativity. I’m not musical. I’m not the next Voice and I’m not dedicated enough to draw and paint, so I write. All the time.

I blame my secondary school English teacher, Mrs Kay, as she was then.

Write an essay entitled: “It makes my blood boil”.

I have been bubbling ever since.

A well meaning friend suggested I find a genre and stick to it.  That would be like having the same thing to eat every Friday evening or only listening to Mahler or living in one place all your life. Ask me to stop breathing as well, why don’t you.

So you see, you will find me hard to pigeon-hole. Eclectic suits me fine. I like to think of myself as having a book to suit everyone.

So far, you can choose from the following:

There’s a novel All Expenses Paid (fact meets fiction) that is available in paperback. A lot is fact. There’s a novella Shelf Life (which is really a screenplay waiting to happen) and a screenplay, Khamaileon, which is based on three women’s true life stories. Have a peek at A Mouse in the Vinaigrette which contains 26 short stories, available in paperback. The latest is a novella, MISSING? About a 3 year old girl 🙁

All titles are available on Kindle, links are at the bottom of the page.

There are plenty more in the pipeline too:

And on it goes…

I could give you a history of each of these endeavours but I know Shelf life is the most important. We have to stop ‘messing around’ with embryonic stem cells and get back to basics. i.e. umbilical cord blood, and stem cells. And don’t tell me they may not be the answer because, hello, save the stuff anyway. You only have one chance! We throw away the blue print, the building blocks, the future.

Tony Hancock was not so daft for asking for his own blood back, albeit for totally different reasons.

Click on the Shelf Life page to see a video teaser and find out how my new Nokia phone and a conversation with a ninety year old woman triggered the ‘what if’ scenario, that is…Shelf Life. Remember, EveryBody Has One.