Recommended websites

A wonderful world of friendship. Go see.

Fantastic novel, Hominine. Great art and entrepreneurial skills galore.

Funky music from a talented artist. Not to mention…Original cover design for All Expenses Paid.

You love food and Paris. So does he.

For all your cultural needs.

This author is a genius. Janet Evanovich. I salute you!

Never can say goodbye, Jimmy.

Home at last.

This woman helped me through my degree and we’ve never met!

This woman helped me get as far as doing a degree.

Without whom, my peripatetic life would not be possible.

Always something amazing.

A soya cappuccino with chocolate on top. I thank you (malware blocked?!)

Ah. Memories. What a location. Peaceful, with Bondi beach within spitting distance.

The best cake and bookshop in the world. Lock me in, now!

Underwater photography that will blow your socks off. Great travel writing too.

A great meeting place for those living, loving and mostly surviving, France.


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