Your country needs you!

Your country needs you! Home, holidays and identity. The schools are back and summer is drawing to a close but if I mentioned leaving home for two weeks you might think. Packing, sea, sun, sangria and holidays. But for many of us, returning home is a holiday. We are live-in carers and packing to leave … READ MORE

Australian advert for rubbish and Shrove Tuesday

    What could an Australian advert for rubbish and Shrove Tuesday possibly have in common? **Answer at the end.   Food and friendship can play a large part in any carer’s raison d’etre. So, linking Pancake day on the 5th March and International women’s day, 8th March with Women Welcome Women World Wide, carers … READ MORE

Recommended websites A wonderful world of friendship. Go see. Fantastic novel, Hominine. Great art and entrepreneurial skills galore. Funky music from a talented artist. Not to mention…Original cover design for All Expenses Paid. You love food and Paris. So does he. For all your cultural needs. … READ MORE