GMT and why Leeds is 6 minutes behind.

  GMT and why Leeds is 6 minutes behind. The Time Has Come. For us baby boomers and older this may get you humming an Adam Faith tune from 1961. I tried listening to it just now and no way. Way too many memories. This weekend we have been ‘falling backwards’. It’s how I remember … READ MORE

Your country needs you!

Your country needs you! Home, holidays and identity. The schools are back and summer is drawing to a close but if I mentioned leaving home for two weeks you might think. Packing, sea, sun, sangria and holidays. But for many of us, returning home is a holiday. We are live-in carers and packing to leave … READ MORE

valentine’s day

Valentine’s blog… by Helen Ducal14th February around the world means hearts and flowers, right? The origins appear to… Posted by Care and Choice Limited on Saturday, 16 February 2019