Student days Universal sign in Nice

Universal sign in Nice. Student days…

I had taken a stroll along the promenade d’Anglais, the first time since the 14th of July.

I surveyed the thousands of tributes neatly lining a small area of the promenade and many more across the road opposite.

I particularly noticed the amount of soft toys. I recalled reading that at one time there were 54 children in hospital. Not all of them would go home…

I didn’t feel I wanted to take any photos. Some memories linger unaided. Instead I sat in the shade and wondered about the couple in front of me. What was their story? I will never know. But it was a lovely calm day yesterday and this pose seemed to reflect this.

Promenade d'AnglaisThe Monday market was as fascinating as ever. A welcome stroll into the past. But somehow the atmosphere lacked its usual joie de vivre. Quite understandable, so I headed back to the bus stop. It was 34 degrees by this time and so I diverted off the promenade and into a side street and some welcome shade and that’s when I saw it.

What a relief to laugh out loud at something. And also prove that sometimes we do indeed have a universal language even if it is one you don’t want to relive too often.

Student crossing

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