Amazon France Livraison rapide

I ordered a parcel online with Amazon France Livraison rapide.

For my British chums ( who remembers Antoine de Caunes in Eurotrash?) this means a parcel will be delivered at break neck speed. Okay, so It was Friday night when I placed the order so I wasn’t expecting it the next day.

I thought Monday (Sunday in the UK) No, that came out wrong. France is only 1 hour ahead…I meant amazon stuff is delivered on Sundays. Not in France.

So along comes a very nice email on Saturday morning.

We have received your order. Delivery = rapid. Excellent.

The next email informs that my rapid delivery will be sometime between…wait for it ( HA!) Wednesday and Friday (that being a whole week later) C’est comme ca. I told myself. It goes with the shoulder shrug…

The next email informed me that the estimated ( always) day of delivery will be Friday…probably.

Along comes Wednesday and I arrange to go shopping with a friend. And no, I cannot buy this particular item from amazon in the shops. At 11 a.m we are sitting in a cafe sipping coffee. We are approximately a hop, skip and a jump from my house (unseen from the cafe).  I was half joking about amazon France and their delivery rapide!

My friend shrugged.

At 11.30 I pop back to my house.

Yep!  A note from whoever was dispatched to deliver my parcel…No reply.


The aforementioned will be available from the post office by 10 a.m ( better make that 10.45) tomorrow morning.

I just thank goodness that I wasn’t tempted by any of the other delivery options…

Even funnier…look what I found when looking for Antoine des Caunes. RAPIDO!

Antoine des Caunes Rapido

ASmileADay #129

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