Ever wondered about the length of a Monarch plane? Me neither…until now. On a flight from Birmingham, UK to Nice, France the following announcement was made by the first officer. That’s the guy (in this case) sitting next to the pilot, right?) So he will know. Our flight today will take 1 hour and 48 … READ MORE

How long is a Monarch plane?

Noise free bedroom? Just what does that mean? Strolling through Ventimiglia, Italy I spotted this parked car. I wondered if I should peer inside. Tinted windows gave me a clue. Which of course meant…I was even more curious. Is it a product? Does it prevent noise from entering or escaping? Or maybe it is just … READ MORE

Noise free bedroom? ASmileADay #126

A grinning Lars Lockke Rasmussen from Denmark… courtesy of The Telegraph newspaper and probably Getty Images ( just to be safe) I mean, just what is this poor baby thinking? If this doesn’t call for a caption, I don’t know what does! My suggestion… ‘Seriously?! You think any of the grown ups are going buy … READ MORE

A grinning Lars Lockke Rasmussen from Denmark… ASmileADay #125

There is an Art-n-Food exhibition in Tourrettes-sur-Loup at the moment. This exhibit particularly caught my eye…Can you see what it is?  Various artists contributed.

Art-n-Food in Tourrettes-sur-Loup ASmileADay #124

Yep, Saturday at 8 a.m and I am lying in my bed contemplating a cup of tea when I am distracted by the sounds from my south facing window of people, other people, playing tennis. Insert sounds of tennis balls hitting rackets and the occasional grunt… Okay that is from me as I assume an … READ MORE

Saturday 8 a.m Tennis or Live sex? ASmileADay #123

Wow! 39 days in June in Australia? Or maybe just on Home and Away? Going to book a trip for June 2016. Stay for a month and get 9 extra days. Fair dinkum I say 😉

39 days in June in Australia. Home and Away. ASmileADay #122

Yes, Ena Sharples is alive and well. For those of you not old enough or English enough, Ena Sharples was a character in one of the longest running UK soaps, Coronation Street. Let me explain. Going through my, ‘Bits of Bradford’ file I discovered one more recently photographed (by moi) trip down memory lane courtesy … READ MORE

Ena Sharples is alive and well. ASmileADay #121

Please welcome the bride, the groom and the dog?! Anyone who lives in France will know that a dog is not just for Christmas. It is part of the family. they go everywhere together. Shopping, eating, drinking and some even on that most important day of all. The wedding day. I just happened to wander … READ MORE

Bride, groom and dog! ASmileADay #120 France