I believe I can say I had a blonde moment as I am blonde and therefore, laughing at myself. I live on a narrow street in a medieval French hill top village, that is for residents only. ‘Residents’ whizz by on skateboards, bicycles, cars and scooters…beep, beep. The majority of people walk. This is a … READ MORE

A blonde moment. Laughing at myself. ASmileADay #119

Throw back Thursday. More like-Never throw anything out-Thursday. This makes me smile. Hope it does the same for you. This is a more personal one than usual but felt it warranted an airing. So, this is moi, circa 1975 at our house warming party in Sutton Coldfield when I was a married woman. Shudder πŸ˜‰ … READ MORE

Throw back Thursday ASmileADay #118

Language help in England and France. Is there a better way of learning a language than living it? Immerse yourself in the language by hearing and seeing everything around you. Simples. I know people have found it useful to label things around the house to help increase their vocabulary. Sometimes, however, there are exceptions… The … READ MORE

Language help in England and France. ASmileADay #117

As I parked right next to Tesco’s Click and Collect sign I couldn’t fail to notice what was alongside. So, as I always do as I am told I duly went to the…yep…Click and Collect counter. I told the three young gentlemen that I had clicked ( in my head) and just wanted to collect. … READ MORE

Tescos click and collect fail ASmileADay #116

I had to smile at this image. What a contrast. One zooms, one hops. πŸ™‚Β 

Mode of transport. Zoom or hop? ASmileADay #115

More English humour. Yes, it is spelled humour. Bradford Β in Yorkshire in Englandshire is a veritable cornucopia of the British sense of fun. Not Boyes this time but an olde worlde chemist shop that sells gifts too. Hanging such signs in one’s kitchen is de rigueur, don’t you know. I know which one my mum … READ MORE

British sense of fun…ASmileADay #114

Maybe I am wrong but my first thought upon seeing this was, only in England. There are ways of phrasing things to make them sound less like commands and more like gentle suggestions…don’t you know. And I am back in Boyes department store in Bradford. Will this place ever stop giving? πŸ˜‰ And I am … READ MORE

No Smoking ladies in Boyes. ASmileADay #113

A dog day afternoon. Can you guess what this is? I stood right in front of it and still couldn’t work it out. It has a very practical use. Any suggestions?  

This dog is barking! :-)  ASmileADay #112