Tescos click and collect fail ASmileADay #116

As I parked right next to Tesco’s Click and Collect sign I couldn’t fail to notice what was alongside.

So, as I always do as I am told I duly went to the…yep…Click and Collect counter.

I told the three young gentlemen that I had clicked ( in my head) and just wanted to collect.

They all looked puzzled.

I have that effect 🙂

So I sighed and showed them these photos. How did we manage without camera phones?!

Tesco's Click and Collect

Every little helps





See. I said. It clearly says, Click and Collect.

So I have come to collect…

It took a moment until the youngest of the group started to laugh.

Nice try. He said.

But isn’t it lovely to see ‘the one percent’ doing their bit.

Every little helps.


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