What does your Easter parade consist of?

What does your Easter parade consist of?

Bunnies, bonnets and boiled eggs?

In recent years Easter has meant one thing to some people.

Ooh, two bank holidays (in UK) and therefore double pay for many workers.

I know, terribly cynical, sorry.

But in the same way as with so many religious/ public holidays, consumerism and personal gain have come to the fore.

Just like Christmas this can be a fun time for children and even adults who need to rationalise the need for chocolate in abundance.

When thinking about writing this blog I had a rare experience. I was stuck for inspiration!

So I went with the alliteration that flowed after bunnies.

However, when you mention bunnies (or I did) I don’t think cuddly pet I think, lapin a la moutarde!

rabbit in mustard sauce

You can take the girl out of France…

Which leads me nicely onto the programme that stirred my passion for Easter, even though I don’t have one.

Any of you been following Escape to the Chateau on Channel 4?

Now that’s how you do Easter!

The work, effort, passion and downright dedication with everything that Angel does, comes popping out of the screen and into our hearts.

I don’t think I have ever seen such attention to detail. At this point I would like to make it clear that although I am constantly saying, in my next life I will come back as a tall man, I’m over the short woman thing, I want to amend this and come back as Dorothy. Not the one in the Wizard of OZ but the daughter of Dick and Angle who not only gets to have a fun loving childhood, she grows up in a flippin’ chateau. Mere words cannot do this justice and if you haven’t already, indulge yourself here.


I must also point out that the painting of eggs at Easter time was a fun time in my childhood too.

But I still preferred the warm hot cross buns. And oh boy, how many varieties of those do we have now?! I notice one company making hot cross bun flavoured ice cream for a …limited period. Time will tell.

So, wishing you all the happiness that bunnies, bonnets and boiled eggs can possibly bring with a large helping of chocolate.

But more importantly for me, spring has sprung and longer, warmer days are on the way. Enjoy!

p.s I failed to mention bonnets as I couldn’t think of anything remotely sensible to say about them.

pps. Let us know what makes a traditional Easter for you!

Over and out.

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