Guidelines for writing really helpful book reviews.   Tip #1. No spoilers please. Tip #2. Despite amazon’s encouragement to do so…don’t write the review immediately upon finishing the book. Tip #3 Think reader/think writer. All of the above will become clear as you read on.   When I started a literary group I wanted to … READ MORE

Guidelines for writing book reviews. Dennis Wheatley to Kathy Reichs

Or how my head took over from my heart. It started as a Saturday job to earn some ‘pin’ money. But I soon found I was a natural. Hair was putty in my hands, so to speak. I was coached by a well known local hairdresser, Ian McCleod. He deserves a nod. The national final … READ MORE

Winner of National hairdressing competition. 1970

Since writing All Expenses Paid (fact meets fiction) I have had the privilege and pleasure to meet these ‘Bettys’ and call them my friends. Ladies, I salute you all.        

Thanks to all my ‘Bettys’

When my mate Terri Stirling was still physically with us, we used to do these, A-Z games to see what we were thinking. I love the words that come up sometimes surprise us and we say, eh? Why that word? There were some surprises here but after a little thought I could explain them all. … READ MORE

Is there a singleton gene? My A-Z of the single life

Oh not again. We did this last year! ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Well, for a start off I am pretty jolly most of the year. I don’t need to be told when to feel it and thereby hangs the crux of the matter. At least Christmas ‘looks’ nice. All sparkly in Tourrettes-sur-Loup last … READ MORE

Not Christmas again?! Why I loathe the yuletide extravaganza.

Worth the 11 year wait.The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I have been reading a lot lately. Kathy Reichs. Bones Never Lie W. Somerset Maugham. A Writer’s Notebook. James Patterson. Second Honeymoon. Dennis Wheatley. To the devil a daughter. W. Somerset Maugham. The Painted Veil. Michael Connelly. The Overlook. James Patterson & Andrew Gross. Judge and … READ MORE

Worth waiting 11 years? Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch

The simple answer is… Nothing! One is oozing customer service and the other has none! Caring for people in their 80’s often means a trip to Budgens ( a small supermarket chain) and helping them on with their Hotter shoes. My most recent interaction with both of these resulted in two things. One: A phone … READ MORE

What do Budgens & Hotter Shoes have in common?

You were not there.   I took flight and waited but you were not there. The pilot was tall dark and handsome. Just like you. We soared easily into the early afternoon sky. Blue and white and windy. Too windy to be safe. We rocked, swayed, dropped, dipped, yelped (that was me) And were ordered … READ MORE

You were not there. A poem.