Here comes the SUN!

A clear message!

Yeah, yeah. The sunny south of France in November. And here we are sunbathing on the bed thanks to a south facing window.   Teddy doesn’t realise that it is Sunday and doesn’t need to wear school uniform… He also doesn’t realise that he can’t get a tan, or need Vitamin D or get sunburnt. … READ MORE

Shut up, Helen says teddy ;-)

Udder Alternatives. If like me, you have an intolerance to cow juice, these days there are plenty of alternatives available. My throwing up every day was not diagnosed until I was twenty two. Some say it could be linked back to not having been breast fed. But as my mum said then, I’m not starting … READ MORE

Udder alternatives #YourGoodHealth

Thousands applied but only these lucky 16 were in the final video.                                    

The Y factor.

I know. We all say it. Life goes by so fast… But seriously. How did this happen? From teddy bears in my bedroom. My old school cap and tie. Okay, the lollipop is new but the Senior Rail card. I’m not ready! I haven’t finished being young yet. So there. But I am Still Standing … READ MORE

Teddy bear to bus pass. Whoosh!

There once was a time when it was considered shameful, improper, impossible even, to be a female author. Women went to great lengths to disguise their identity and therefore their gender. Fortunately we live in enlightened times. We are aware of the damage that bullying does to children. How violence creates violence and all the … READ MORE

Ashamed to be female.

1. Menopausal Madness. Answers. Time moving forward is inevitable and so is getting older BUT getting old…now that’s another story! As hair seems to want to drawback from your hairline and sprout merrily from your chin. You could be in despair. My only response to that is, restyle and tweezers. However, there is a much … READ MORE