Maybe it really is a matter of perseverance. Cool. (And then suddenly it switched to UPPER CASE) Now what did I say to make you shout at me okay must have been something that sounded like something which I’m not going to say because otherwise will be back to square one on okay. We see … READ MORE

In praise of speach recognition…satellite seats?

    Nothing for ages, then along come three…

Just like buses

You know you have really become a slave to the 21st century when you have the following conversation. Me: Ooh that sounds exotic. Friend: Yes, and the average temperature is 25 degrees, year round. Me: Know what you mean. I could live without winter ever again. So, Belize you say. Friend: Sort of between Mexico … READ MORE

The world at my feet

X When X can mean No the opposite to ‘tick’. How come it can mean yes, a kiss, marks the spot, has something to do with factors? Crossed out, take care, train approaching, branded, a children’s game. Excommunicated, exonerated, why the ‘e’? Superfluous, surely. Religion on a tilt, carrying. Hopscotch, noughts and…crosses. Angry, annoyed, no … READ MORE

World poetry day

I popped a hand out from underneath the duvet;opened one eye and there it was, an old lady’s hand! Still immaculately cared for, nails carefully shaped and varnished but why the veins lifting up the skin to show their snake like presence? The brown freckles, now called liver spots or flowers of the cemetery if … READ MORE

Crottin and flowers of the cemetery. Nice. ;-(

In recognition of world book day I want to say thank you to Janet Evanovich. I am not the addictive type so when the going gets tough ( I won’t bore you with the details) I don’t reach for a drink or a cigarette. For that I am grateful but we all need something. Some … READ MORE

World book day

I’ve had a very good 7 days, food wise. I live in a small medieval village in the south of France and the variety of food available is a daily pleasure. No beans and no French fries. Here’s my menus over the last 7 days. Aioli. see below. Daube with beef, red wine and morels. … READ MORE

Fabulous food and not a baked bean in sight!

Is life imitating art? Am I the only one intrigued to see just how JR departs Dallas this evening? I think it was Woody Allen who said: I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Well, the writers, director, producers and actors all knew that this latest series … READ MORE

Bye, bye, JR #Dallas