In praise of speach recognition…satellite seats?

Maybe it really is a matter of perseverance. Cool.

(And then suddenly it switched to UPPER CASE)

Now what did I say to make you shout at me okay must have been something that sounded like something which I’m not going to say because otherwise will be back to square one on okay. We see you can’t behave quite well with a little bit of training and my patients not my best feature and I meant patients not the sort you get in hospital as in: never mind on what amounts I know what I meant that

My biggest problem is trying to keep the same voice and not being silly accents for not doing silly accents ever might be even silly accidents actually sees and SS are quite difficult US even silly accidents curious I meant the C and you have put best of what VAS satellite seats which it to us in fact satellite seats curious I’m not sure what satellite seats are but I’m sure they’ll come in handy one day I think I should keep the spirit of sample cuts my wonderful vocabulary with thank you and good night.


Carry on or give up? ducal1

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