World book day

In recognition of world book day I want to say thank you to Janet Evanovich.

I am not the addictive type so when the going gets tough ( I won’t bore you with the details) I don’t reach for a drink or a cigarette.

For that I am grateful but we all need something. Some feel good factor to kick us out of the doldrums.

Who does that for me?  Stephanie Plum, that’s who. Book 19 in the series is now available. Book one was made into a film.

Janet Evanovich’s books should be free and given by prescription to anyone suffering from,life-isn’t-fair-blues!

What with Stephanie, Grandma Mazur, Ranger and the ever- expanding (personalty-wise;-) Lula, you won’t be able to feel miserable, except when you reach the last page. And that’s why I am writing this now. I only have a few pages to go and don’t want my imaginary friends to leave…

I could mention a myriad of other author’s without whom my life would have been a lot harder but I know I can rely on Ms Evanovich to hit the spot, so to speak.

And on a personal note, with some of the 4 and 5 star reviews I have received recently for All Expenses Paid ( fact meets fiction) I am beginning to hope that maybe I can return the favour by brightening up someone else’s world, however briefly.

But to return to the expert:

is where you will find all you need to know about the wonderful world of bounty hunters in Trenton!





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