ITV’s Vicious. But was it funny?

Call me old fashioned but you needed sixties’ sensibilities to appreciate the real, Vicious.

I found myself transported, to a bygone era, one where cougars were still only to be found in zoos and not ogling younger men. Frances de la Tour, played the cougar to the amusement of her GBF’s.

The rape ‘joke’ that she played along with, although totally unacceptable in 2013, but with the music hall farce backdrop –did you notice the wall mounted phone?-it somehow slid by. It was a mish-mash of Are you being Served and Rising Damp.

Blighty’s answer to Le Cage aux Folles.

Watch it with your head firmly in 2013 and it is appalling.  Transport yourself back to the sixties, it’s so bad it’s good. I laughed. I felt uncomfortable, in equal measure. I remember the bad old days. I’m not sure we need reminding. I’m on the fence.

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