It is not unusual to see post protruding from a letter box. Letters that the postman/woman has not fully pushed home… Junk mail force fed into the metal flap… But this was different and worthy of a quick snap… It was Sunday morning in a sleepy Suffolk village when I spotted this. The morning after … READ MORE

Brief encounter?

  I’d like pay a tribute to Bernie Taupin and Elton John. Firstly to Bernie for sharing the lyrics and secondly to Elton for adding such great, uplifting music. There have been many times over the last twenty years when those lyrics have resonated very clearly with me. So, I thought what could be a … READ MORE

Depression cure: Music is my drug of choice.

Since the BBC now accepts regional accents and having a party where we all took the p**s out of each other ( as only the Brits can do)  it got me thinking about the importance of clear communication. Now, being blonde and a Brummie, I feel I have carte blanche to poke fun at…blondes and … READ MORE

3 New Air Traffic Controllers ;-)

I am still reflecting on the amazing 6 days that ticked all the boxes when it comes to …life begins at 60! I want to thank everyone for contributing something special. Themselves! Individually, I want to thank… KIM, for disappearing backwards, wearing my purple, sparkly, 70’s dress, into the hedge and surviving. JO, for constantly, … READ MORE

Thank you for being a friend ;-)

I have been a fan of Neighbours, the Aussie TV soap for years. Storylines revolve around families, in their homes, cafes, schools and a bar, where even the G’day-mate-blokes drink half pints. Unlike the UK soaps that seem to gravitate to alcohol to help ‘solve’ problems, I have always admired the discussion-based approach to everyday … READ MORE

Good Neighbours? I don’t think so!

What else do you call it when you get a message from the future? It is Sunday 5th of May, the 5th month of the year. Hello America. easy one for you 😉 Here is proof. So I was surprised when I checked my Barclay’s account to find that I had spent money in the … READ MORE

Twighlight zone

Call me old fashioned but you needed sixties’ sensibilities to appreciate the real, Vicious. I found myself transported, to a bygone era, one where cougars were still only to be found in zoos and not ogling younger men. Frances de la Tour, played the cougar to the amusement of her GBF’s. The rape ‘joke’ that … READ MORE

ITV’s Vicious. But was it funny?

1. It reminds me just how much better my life is now compared to when I was watching the original series in the 80’s. 2.The characters really are the most appalling examples of human beings. Back stabbing is an art form 😉 3. They don’t have money problems the way normal people do. They owe … READ MORE

Why I love, new season, Dallas.