Brief encounter?

It is not unusual to see post protruding from a letter box.

Letters that the postman/woman has not fully pushed home…

Junk mail force fed into the metal flap…

But this was different and worthy of a quick snap…

It was Sunday morning in a sleepy Suffolk village when I spotted this.

Thongs for the memory
Thongs for the memory

The morning after the night before, no doubt.  You can all make up your own stories.

Curiosity got the better of me and I popped back the next morning. Hmmm?

Pushed or pulled?
Pushed or pulled?

Had someone pulled it from inside and if so why not all the way? Or had a passer by thought. Tut! and pushed it in but again, why not fully?

Oh the trials of a writer’s brain. Question everything. Gee, thanks Sartre.

So of course you know what’s coming next. Tuesday morning. Must just pop out. Need to check on the progress of the knickers through the letter box…as you do.

All gone!
All gone!

Can’t help but wonder about the story behind this vignette of village life. Is the owner on facebook? Do you own a thong with a red bobble on? Why didn’t you go out of your front door for 48 hours? These and many other questions will remain unresolved as I resume my position of…not quite interesting enough to be Miss Marple…day job.

That is all…

for now…




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  1. JaneneReichertMurphy

    Ha! I’m sure the tale behind those knickers is interesting indeed. Thanks for the chuckle.


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