Good Neighbours? I don’t think so!

I have been a fan of Neighbours, the Aussie TV soap for years.

Storylines revolve around families, in their homes, cafes, schools and a bar, where even the G’day-mate-blokes drink half pints.

Unlike the UK soaps that seem to gravitate to alcohol to help ‘solve’ problems, I have always admired the discussion-based approach to everyday angst. Until now…

Spoiler Alert: Look away now if you are an avid UK follower as I am referring to a storyline aired in Australia this week.

Just when did blatant product placement become okay? And not just any old product. A prescription only drug. It was shown, albeit fleetingly, 3 times in one episode and now, today, Friday 17th May in glorious technicolour, we have full focus on the product name. So I needn’t have paused it in the episode earlier this week.

What the hell is going on? And you thought it was just the theme tune that had been revamped. Apparently, the edgier, very realistic storylines now includes drug recommendations. To quote Karl: This is good medication…

A few months ago we were warned about Andrew’s fear of facing his epilepsy and his subsequent foray into online medication. I though this was well thought out and showed the dangers but NOW…

The name of the drug shown in this week’s episodes doesn’t seem to exist BUT the generic name underneath certainly does.

And what is it used for? Treating psychotic episodes!

Well, I’d better get some then because I am furious. Therefore I must need medication 🙂

Neighbours…And I thought we were friends. How could you?!






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