The world at my feet

You know you have really become a slave to the 21st century when you have the following conversation.

Me: Ooh that sounds exotic.

Friend: Yes, and the average temperature is 25 degrees, year round.

Me: Know what you mean. I could live without winter ever again. So, Belize you say.

Friend: Sort of between Mexico and Jamaica

Me: Still can’t quite place it. I’ll Google it in a moment.

Friend: And the best thing is, it’s English speaking…what’s so funny?

Me: I’ve just looked down at the floor and guess what is right by my feet?

Google v Globe
Google v Globe

Friend: Something funny?

Me: Pretty much. A globe.

I have the world at my feet and yet I automatically thought of using the internet to find out some basic information…

Friend: I know what you mean. I have a ton of cookery books but when I wanted a recipe the other day…

Me: You Googled it?

Friend: Yep. Why is it we can access stuff so much faster and yet seem to have less time?

Me: Hmm. Belize. Let me know when you get there!

Friend: Do you want snail mail, email, msg on FB or a tweet?

Me: Forget snail mail…I may have moved…somewhere warmer.





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