Why I love, new season, Dallas.

1. It reminds me just how much better my life is now compared to when I was watching the original series in the 80’s.

2.The characters really are the most appalling examples of human beings. Back stabbing is an art form 😉

3. They don’t have money problems the way normal people do. They owe billions, to be repaid in 24hrs or else!! Makes our £2 overdue library book fine seem…normal.

4. I used to love all the clothes and the bling. Now it just confirms what it has taken me thirty years to realise. No amount of fancy stuff compensates for a stony heart.

5. But I have to confess to a slight twinge (envy?) when Soo-wellen strolls into her massive, clutter free office and waves, nicely, at one of her minions and coffee appears. I’d still like that…somehow, someday, somewhere. Do authors ever have offices, THAT big? I could start a trend.


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