Udder alternatives #YourGoodHealth

Udder Alternatives.

If like me, you have an intolerance to cow juice, these days there are plenty of alternatives available.

My throwing up every day was not diagnosed until I was twenty two. Some say it could be linked back to not having been breast fed. But as my mum said then, I’m not starting now…okay, moving on, what is the best thing to do?

I have been using soya ‘milk’ as an alternative on and off for the last almost, forty years. It can get a bit boring and you do have to watch out for the additives with some brands. I have successfully added oat ‘milk’ and sheep’s milk to my repertoire. Can’t be doing with goat’s milk. Cheese yes, definitely but in tea. Bleurgh!

Then I saw almond ‘milk’. Worth a try I thought. It was more than double the price of soya so decided it would be an occasional treat. And what better way to try it out than with one of my all time favourites. Rice pudding 🙂

Here’s what you need.

Rice pudding
Rice pudding


Round grain rice.

Almond ‘milk’

Demerara sugar




Don’t ask me about quantities I just put in what looks right. Slow oven for 90 mins or so et voila. Result? Delicious!

And here is the proof…

Proof of the pudding...
Proof of the pudding…


Yes, well, I tried eating it with a small spoon but to no avail.

I would eat half now and oh what the heck.

The almond milk gives this pudding a wonderful rich, almost creamy texture and flavour.

So if you can’t tolerate cow’s milk, don’t despair, there are plenty of udder alternatives.

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