Winner of National hairdressing competition. 1970

Or how my head took over from my heart.

Winner hairdreesing comp 1970It started as a Saturday job to earn some ‘pin’ money.

But I soon found I was a natural. Hair was putty in my hands, so to speak.

I was coached by a well known local hairdresser, Ian McCleod. He deserves a nod.

The national final was at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool. Champagne all around!

I was riding on the crest of a wave…

And so this put paid to my dreams of being a journalist…until now…

Oh and Ursula Stonehouse (my model) whereforeartthou?


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  1. Stavros Constantinou

    Any photos or videos please email me Please have you got any photos from Stuttgart 1970 or Paris 1989 pr Rotterdam n 1990 or 1980 please email me on stavrosconstantinou65[at] Or Tel 07756579085 many thanks

    • Helen

      Hi there! Sorry no, I don’t have any other photos from that period. I wish I did. Fun times 😉


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