Is there a singleton gene? My A-Z of the single life

When my mate Terri Stirling was still physically with us, we used to do these, A-Z games to see what we were thinking.

I love the words that come up sometimes surprise us and we say, eh? Why that word?

There were some surprises here but after a little thought I could explain them all.

Sunshine and shade:ChoicesWhy this picture?

It denotes light and shade.

Cozy cobblestones and stimulating sunshine

The life of a singleton.


What would the A-Z of your current life be?

Here is mine.

A= Adaptability

B= Plan B

C= Compromise

D= Dinosaurs

E= Equilibrium

F= Foreplay

G= Gorgeous guy or girl

H= Happiness


J= Jinx

K= Karma

L= Love and /or Luck

M= Monogamy

N= Non verbal communication

O= Opportunities.

P= People

Q= Quality time

R= Relax

S= Sad

T= Threesomes

U= Uninvited


W= Wifi

X= Xfactor

Y= Yours

Z= Zachery.

 Tell me yours (post below) and I will explain mine 😉

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