Look who is reading my books…Bert and Ernie!

Bert and Ernie maybe a little young for some of the content but who can be sure?

Bert & Ernie bedtime readingBert: Whoah. Information overload here!

Ernie: Whaddya mean Bert?

Bert: Condoms and body piercings!

Ernie: Erm Bert, I thought the book was about GRANNY sitting in the South of France?

Bert: Well it is Ernie but then there is Laura!

Ernie: You all alright Bert? Your eyebrows have all joined up!

Bert: Ha! They do that sometimes. Now shut up I am trying to read…

Ernie: Okay…Bert.

Bert: So why aren’t you reading Ernie?

Ernie: I can’t, Bert.

Bert: Why not Ernie?

Ernie: (In a hushed voice) There are mice, Bert. Live mice. She knows I hate mice! (sob)


Something about the author, Helen Ducal.

France and food

I was determined to be a writer ever since being asked to leave the Brownies for chalking on the benches. Had my first business at 19, married at 20, divorced at 30, ditched the 9-5 at 40 to work as a live-in carer, working in Europe, travelling to Australia and writing in between. Got a first in Media Writing at 50, moved to France, where I recharge my batteries and write and eat and sleep. But still have to return to Blighty every 2 weeks to earn my rent, until I can write full time!

Helen has 5 books available on amazon. The two seen above are also available in paperback.

Thanks to Simon Birch for the wonderful covers.

Works in progress: Helen is currently working on 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction books.

More information is available on her website: www.helenducal.com

Meanwhile here are a couple of reviews from All Expenses Paid and A Mouse in the Vinaigrette.


Thelma & Louise 4 Provence, 8 Dec. 2013
This review is from: ALL EXPENSES PAID (Fact meets Fiction) (Kindle Edition)
I was swindled, hijacked and completely brought down (laughing, that is) by this delightful, kind-of-chick-lit-ish, novel. The first couple of pages got me so enthralled; I couldn’t, nor wouldn’t, nor did I want to put the damn thing down. I felt as if Laura was a dear friend of mine and I was living (vicariously) like a fly on her proverbial Provence wall. The writing is ‘spot’ on! I loved the brevity of sentences, the use of word choice, the writer’s voice rang clear and as confident as a `blimey’ bell! I adored the relationship, all of them, (Julia, especially, absolutely fabulous) the trysts and turns and the unexpected expectations of Laura’s adventures kept me reading, actually in one sitting. Well, done, Helen. When’s the sequel coming out? I’ll be waiting!
a mouse in the vinaigrette (26 tails of the unexpected), 21 Oct. 2012
This review is from: A Mouse in the Vinaigrette ( 26 Tails of the Unexpected) (Kindle Edition)
Well what can I say other than a thoroughly entertaining read. The author has got it spot on with her observations about life as a part time carer. So witty and so funny in parts could not put it down, Could almost feel that I was in the different stories just observing the dramas that were being played out. Brilliant bring on some more please. P.S. If you have not tried a new genre before give it a go, My main genre has always been Horror but this novel has been a great step outside the box so to speak.


So you see humour plays a large part in these two, part fact/part fiction books. However the other 3 books are quite different.

SHELF LIFE: Science fiction fast becoming science fact. Stem cells and expiry dates…

KHAMAILEON: Georgina is duped into producing a son and heir and even DNA cannot help her prove she is the mother…

MISSING? When a 3 year old girl ‘wakes you up’ to tell you her story…what else can you do?

Yep, varied is the key word here. Do not try to pigeonhole Helen Ducal…she is not keen on birds!

Bird on head


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