Care and choice. Caregivers individually chosen for your needs

At Care and Choice we understand that choosing how you want to be cared for as you become less able is a difficult and emotional thing to do.

Selecting a care home, live-in Caregiver or home help for yourself or your loved ones is a big responsibility at any time. By necessity it is a decision made under pressure with Social Services often being the first port of call. The services they offer are generally hourly care at home or, when 3 or 4 visits a day is not enough, the default option offered is a Care Home. These are the only two options often given to families resulting in people having to leave their homes before they need to.

So why leave home ? – stay in the comfort of your own home with live-in care from £715 a week.

Here at Care and Choice, we want to help you and your loved ones retain your independence while giving you peace of mind. We select the best, most experienced live-in Caregivers from across the country to provide assistance with personal care, household tasks, support and companionship.

Our Caregivers

Our professional team has a wealth of experience in recruiting the perfect Caregiver for each Client, whether it’s to cater for special dietary requirements, discuss art and literature – or the latest instalment of your favourite soap opera, or accompany you on trips out of the house, we pride ourselves on our skills of matching Clients with their perfect Caregiver.

Our Clients

Our Clients have told us that as they get older, living alone makes them feel vulnerable and their homes can come to feel isolating as they lack the confidence to go out alone. Having a live-in Caregiver can give someone in that position years more freedom. With live-in care, they can enjoy their hobbies, maintain their friendships and keep their pets.