How to relieve arthritic pain. Emu Oil.

If you suffer from arthritic pains, help is at hand, thanks to Emu Oil!

Over the years I have tried various lotions and potions for aching joints, due to arthritis, with varying success.

But nothing seems to work as well as Emu Oil. I first discovered this wonderful product last time I was in Australia where it has been used and loved for centuries.

And now, as I fly regularly between the UK and France I have the perfect travel mate.

This handy 30 ml bottle means it can go in your hand luggage. (In a see through zip bag)

Loremcare Emu Oil

The key is, you only need a little to make a big difference, so don’t press too hard.

I keep going to order another bottle but the squirts keep coming.

However, I am not unduly concerned because the fast and efficient service provided by

means a fresh bottle is only between 24 and 48 hours away.

And arthritis is only one of the many uses for Emu oil and it is suitable for all.

Try Googling side effects for Emu Oil…

Yep. None. Nada. Rien. So thanks, Emu. 🙂


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