Helping children with cancer

Helping children with cancer.

Why 7 inches is better!

That got your attention, hopefully.

It may seem a little incongruous when you see what this relates to but I think it is worth it.

When I watch the news, look around the world at the state it is in I mostly feel helpless.

However, if there is one thing I am good at by simply doing nothing but basic every day self-care I can help children with cancer. Well, at least help them have some hair!

I can grow hair and nails at a rate of knots (but sadly not teeth) so a while back I thought, once a year I will grow my hair to an excess of at least 7 inches as this is the requirement of the Little Princess organisation that accepts donated hair to make wigs for children.

I am not brave enough and happily it is not necessary to shave your head as Jessie J did a while back but I can do my bit.

How about you lot in facebook -land?

Here is the link below with all the info you need.

Donate Hair

Meanwhile here is my contribution from last year.

Help children with cancer

And this year is coming along nicely…about 1 inch to go.

I mean…why else would 7 inches be better?

Also reminds of a very useful piece of advice I gave my niece many years ago. When some annoying grown-ups see you day dreaming and they say, ’What are you doing?’ Tell them, ‘I am growing my hair!’


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