Mint…anyone? ;-)

  Katie Holmes and E L James. What do they have in common? Both female, both in the news; although you may be forgiven for not knowing for certain, the gender of the latter. It makes my blood boil that in 2012 women still feel it necessary to use initials. It’s okay, we have the … READ MORE

Katie Holmes and 50 Shades of Grey

Two years ago and Dora was having her hair done  at home. Can I take your picture, I asked, You look so funny,as if you have dreadlocks. Be my guest was the reply. Dora was then 97 and had an unfailing sense of humour. She was a gem. She was born in Chesterfield and quite … READ MORE

Dora with dreadlocks!

Yep, I guess it was likely to happen at some time. A one star review for All Expenses Paid. First reaction? Disgruntled. But then I read it again and thought hang on, she’s saying that the story is so far fetched it spoils the enjoyment. Huh? So I replied to the reviewer and asked, politely,what … READ MORE

Accentuate the positive

I know I am home because… People said thank you ( well, ok, merci) to the driver as they got off the bus. The only other place that I am aware that this happens is Cardiff. And talking of the home of my mother, leads me to my next point. I am sitting having a … READ MORE

I know I am home because…

A friend once told me, you don’t need a penis to park a car, and so it is with reading PORT magazine. I guess you could call this a back handed compliment. Why oh why is Port, according to the spine and not the cover, I note, a magazine for MEN. As a person endowed … READ MORE

Magazine for…Men?

Me and The Dictator

Sometimes you just have to go for it. Somethings happen only once a year. They have a, now or never feel to them and so it is with the Cannes Film Festival. So, with the great trailer for Shelf Life, in the can 😉 and tee-shirts, flyers, willing friends…off to Cannes I went. First stop … READ MORE

Cannes do.