Ever wondered if you can believe what you read in the press? Here’s an excellent example from today’s online news. Minor scare for Sharon Stone: The 54-year-old actress…. The  Huffington Post. Stone, 55, was admitted to hospital with a migraine after attending a runway show by Italian fashion house.. Reuters. SHARON Stone shows she’s still … READ MORE

3 ages of Sharon Stone?

Following on from my blog on Fifty shades and Katie Holmes, I can finally comment further. I have read the book. The first one. And it left me feeling ill. It took a few days before I could trust myself to write anything for the following reasons. I didn’t want to sound, bitter, twisted, jealous. … READ MORE

Fifty shades and a car crash.

Yep, possibly the worst book ever. So says one reviewer on He’s talking about my book, All Expenses Paid. So why am I telling you all about it? Simple. When I get a lousy review I like see which other books they have reviewed. There is usually a pattern. The one star reviewers often … READ MORE

Worst book ever…

  If the agency had sent a photo, I would have asked them not to send you.   Not exactly what you want to hear after a flight from Heathrow to Rome and not to mention a hair-raising twenty minute journey with a taxi driver that swerved at every given opportunity, and even some imaginary … READ MORE

You don’t pay me enough. Get Me Out of Here.

My posts first appeared on Facebook. I was born in the UK but have decided I have a French mind and an Italian heart 🙂 i.e I question everything and I am not afraid to show my emotions. All this British stiff upper lip crap (pretending all is peachy, when it clearly isn’t!!!) is doing … READ MORE

Me and Sir Elton

Size matters. Rules and Control

I did it my way.

All I need now is an orchestra ;-)

Yep for the first time in over twelve months,  the good old USA has taken the lead over GB.   In book sales on What…Is there something else going on? Not in my world there isn’t. Crawl out of bed. Throw open the shutters, stare at the unendingly beautiful view, watch boats bobbing about … READ MORE

And USA take the lead over GB