My first advice when in France.

It is always one of the first things I say to friends who come to  visit.

Remember this: Zebra crossings mean NOTHING!

The only people to benefit from these white stripes on the road are the makers of white paint.

Where Karen was killed.


A few days ago a friend was crossing the road.

She was run down by a young man on a scooter.

I am reliably told that he was intoxicated.

He awaits trial.

Karen’s full and vibrant life ended the next day.

Her injuries were too severe.

The flowers, tied to the tree in the foreground, left by her many friends.

I love most things about living here.

But drinking/driving and the lack of basic respect for pedestrians. I abhor.

RIP Karen.

3 Responses to “My first advice when in France.”

    • HelenDucal

       @JaneneReichertMurphy  thanks, Janene. Not a close friend but not the point, really. Just wanted to remind people of this very real danger here.

  1. BillKirton

    Sorry to hear that, Helen. Even when I was a student in Paris decades ago, there were regular jokes about this but you’re right, it’s too serious. Some try to argue that it’s part of their ‘J’ai le droit’ attitude but that’s meaningless if you refuse to acknowledge ‘le droit des autres’.


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