Worst book ever…

Yep, possibly the worst book ever. So says one reviewer on amazon.co.uk

Do I look like I care? 😉

He’s talking about my book, All Expenses Paid. So why am I telling you all about it?

Simple. When I get a lousy review I like see which other books they have reviewed. There is usually a pattern.

The one star reviewers often sound like my old ( by now, ancient) school teachers.

Having fun Helen? Stop it right now. Life is to be endured not enjoyed.

This one star brigade always seem to have a ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ feel about them.

Although this latest review is from opposite side of the country.

So, I scrolled through the other reviews by my D minus (go to the back of the class) fan.

And, you’re going to love this…Which book got a five star review…Drum roll please..

Spare parts for a Remington electric shaver.

Oh,  how Betty would have laughed.

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