This is not me! See what you find when you Google yourself. Although I am thinking of practicing some of the moves after a light supper 😉

Believe it or not…

Picture it. Beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning in the medieval French village of Tourrettes-sur-Loup. Everyone is up early. It is Vide Grenier day. This simply means, empty your loft. And people do, believe me, they do. Mind you I can’t believe that chaise longue and that Grecian urn, were ever in anyone’s loft… However, back to … READ MORE

Three little words I never thought I would say!

If you fly regularly you will know this but having just witnessed a very disappointed young couple at Gatwick, thought it bears a  reminder. If you travel on any international flights you must have AT LEAST 3 months validity left on your passport, before you leave. A young, American or Canadian ( I think, as … READ MORE

Passport alert!

At 11.30a.m French time today ( Sunday 13 May) I am being interviewed about my books and my reasons for doing what I do. It only lasts 5 minutes but please don’t ask me to do it again. Nerve wracking. I am a writer not a public speaker. Still, I hope you enjoy it. At … READ MORE

I’m on the radio and online

Apart from being constantly told I am lucky to live here…don’t get me started just read previous post…The other thing people say is…Ooh isn’t it expensive? Well, yes it can be. Come as a tourist and pay for a coffee on the beach aka the mediterranean, yes but what a view. In fact sights, sounds … READ MORE

French Riviera for 13.33€ per day

What am I talking about? Fear, guns,poisons,hate? Nope. Although any of those will do the trick but for me the real killers in life are disappointment and indifference. People have no doubt hated me at some point and I have known fear but neither of these demotivate me. And I have a horrible feeling (pun … READ MORE

The real killers

As I try to economise but still enjoy the fruits of this region’s labours, I find myself eating out, regularly. This platefull cost me 11€. About £9 by today’s reckoning. So. Here we have, lettuce,tomato,rice,smoked salmon,langoustine,egg, scallops and crayfish. Plus bread, of course. And in case you doubted me, here is a close up of … READ MORE

Eating out in the south of France

This is a link to an interview I did recently over at the Soooz Says website: Click here to read my interview with Suzanne Burke

Interview with Suzanne Burke