I did my first radio interview the other day. It has not been broadcast yet and  I will be posting the date and time asap. It will just be five minutes and not live, my interviewer told me. The listeners want to know what you have written and what prompted you to do it.  No … READ MORE

My first radio interview: Good company

A lovely spring morning. I threw open my shutters and looked down. Ah shoes! Don’t do it, I thought but I soon realised it was just shoes, no feet, drying in the sun. Phew.

Don’t Jump!

It is often said that mums have to be ‘Jack’ of all trades or have a degree in multi-tasking. Problem solving is an absolute must. Another really good thing to have is patience. Now I don’t qualify as a mother, per sae, but I do have a pretty good record with problem solving. If only … READ MORE

Mum’ll fix it

As a French friend very wisely once said, there is always an answer even if it is no. The other thing I have noticed about France is that there is always a choice…par example. As this sign clearly says…Open every day.   The shop was in fact closed.   Could be something to do with … READ MORE

So that’s clear then…


Paris-Nice via Tourrettes-sur-Loup

Looks almost too good to eat…

I have been blogging for quite a while now and may have some more of my musings that interest you here

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