Last Sunday I was asked to accompany an elderly lady to church. I can think of a million ways to spend an hour and this would not be on any of my lists, not in the UK anyway. When I am travelling, somewhere like Bangkok for example, I am there like a shot. I am … READ MORE

True colours

When I die… Posted by helenducal on March 28, 2012 · Leave a Comment (Edit) ‘When I die, I want to go as peacefully as my grandpa did, in his sleep, instead of screaming like the passengers in his car.’ HA! I keep reading this and it keeps making me laugh. Anyone know who first said it? … READ MORE

When I die…

Auditioning for…Charlie’s Angels?

Auditioning for…

Everytime someone says…Oooh, you’re lucky to live in the south of France, I feel like screaming…NO. Luck had very little to do with it. I left Southampton in July 2003 with a van stuffed to the gills, driven by a wonderfully calm and supportive friend. We arrived in Angouleme, in the Charente region, to be … READ MORE

Don’t tell me I’m lucky!

It seems that retirement, at least in Europe, consisits of the same things… Thanks to Paul and Agnes, who have no idea that I took this photo. I only hope that Agnes gets time to log on to the outside world occassionally to see this. I think a little French resistance is called for. AGNES! … READ MORE

French resistance?

Yes, that’s you, Maggie Alderperson. You mentioned chocolate yesterday afternoon and my nearest chocolatier is what…a hop, skip and a jump away? So now I have to eat ‘our’ favourite chocolates all by myself. Ganache de violet.

You made me do it!

I did my first radio interview the other day. It has not been broadcast yet and  I will be posting the date and time asap. It will just be five minutes and not live, my interviewer told me. The listeners want to know what you have written and what prompted you to do it.  No … READ MORE

My first radio interview: Good company