You can do it too!

What do you see?

Walking back from the local shop I turned this corner, as I did almost every time I left my apartment. Nothing remarkable you may say.

It was summer 2011 and for some reason I have just remembered these three photos.

Possibly it is because now that I am living in an all embracing ( literally) village I can compare. And by the time you see the third photo you will see what I mean.

I wasn’t lonely living in my last place, but I was very much alone.

People, neighbours, came and went. Apartment doors, car doors slamming in the occasional gust of wind. We don’t usually get the mistral here.

This village was built in the early 70’s and has a ‘faux’ feel to it. Hard to explain.

Of course the absence of litter has to be a good thing and despite the plethora of dogs around, very little in the way of that evidence either.

So, what do you see? A block of flats and  a moped. Anything else?

You could zoom in now on the corner of the building or see below.

What determination!

Still having problems?

It’s a solitary flower growing up through the asphalt.

A splash of radiant colour against the pastel walls.

I remember exactly how I felt when I spotted it…

I know just how you feel!

At that point I was still searching for my home.


I know just how you feel!

I was very tempted to pick it and put it in some water in my apartment

but then thought better of it.

No. it would serve as an excellent reminder of, with the right attitude and determination (ok, maybe plants don’t have attitude) you can achieve anything.

And many a day I have felt I have been pushing through asphalt.

So, thank you little flower for saying…look at me. You can do it too.

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