Mum’ll fix it

It is often said that mums have to be ‘Jack’ of all trades or have a degree in multi-tasking.

Problem solving is an absolute must.

Another really good thing to have is patience.

Now I don’t qualify as a mother, per sae, but I do have a pretty good record with problem solving.

If only I had the patience…with fiddly things.

So, when my new acquisition of marcasite earrings (if you knew how often I buy jewellery, you would know why this is a big deal) let me down, I was seriously p**sed off.

earings, broken
Mum'll fix it 😉

One of the posts had literally snapped off.

Okay, they were not expensive but I liked them and I wanted to wear them for more than 4 days!

And no I couldn’t take them back. Different day, different town, sometimes country.

Anyhoo, I trotted along to a jewellers near Manchester ( I bought them in Cardiff) and the everso posh lady said. Ooh no madam, they can’t be mended. No-one could.

Naturally I immediately thought. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I went into another jewellers a few yards away. He said. Yeah, I can fix it. For a fee. £10. I only paid £18 in first place.

Although he was very obliging I did wonder how he would manage such a fiddly task as he was having trouble getting his words out. No significant signs of a stroke or Parkinson’s I decided that lighting a match anywhere near his out breath would at least save having to look for a soldering iron.

I smiled and said I wouldn’t take up his offer. ‘S okay, he hiccuped and waved as I left the shop.

Sutton Coldfield next stop, chez parents. At the end of a full day ( you know the never ending stuff wives and mothers do) they like nothing more than a bit of problem solving for their offspring. (that’ll be me)

One of my new earrings is broken, I grizzled.

The cogs began to whir and the eighty four lady who thinks she is forty eight, sprang to her feet.

She returned, armed with a tray, some tinfoil and a tube of super glue.

This was the moment I jokingly (only half!) suggested that I didn’t want to wear them for LIFE!

She gave me her -oh ye of little faith look- and I returned to the arduous task of trying to find something on UK television that I hadn’t seen before and would like to watch.

About 1 hour later ( allowed for drying time) Ta-dah! Good as new. Told you, mum’ll fix it. 🙂

Mum did fix it 🙂


Written on Mother’s Day in the UK.



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