French Riviera for 13.33€ per day

Apart from being constantly told I am lucky to live here…don’t get me started just read previous post…The other thing people say is…Ooh isn’t it expensive? Well, yes it can be. Come as a tourist and pay for a coffee on the beach aka the mediterranean, yes but what a view. In fact sights, sounds and smells. All in abundance here.

But when you live here, it’s different. Apart from waking up to a blue sky and a smile on my face, on Wednesdays in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, there is the market.

I thought I would share my purchases with you, so you can decide about the cost of living here. Although I don’t really think you can take these items out of the wonderful context of a medieval village in the sunshine… So, you have from top centre, clockwise:

Fennel,red pepper,courgette,carrot,beetroot,aubergine,carrot,and shallots.

What am I bid?

This little lot cost me 5€

I only just managed to stop myself from saying.

Are you sure?

Who says vegetarians aren’t catered for in France?

I then went on to buy,fresh tuna,goats cheese, radishes, ficelle (skinny bread) and a tarte aux framboise.

See below.

A grand total of 12€ the tuna being the most expensive item at 6€.

Of course I was only going to eat half and have the rest cold this evening…or not.

Some people have no will power 😉

MAY update: Keeping a tally. I spent 13.33€ per day in last ten days. I will celebrate and buy a mango!

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