And USA take the lead over GB

Yep for the first time in over twelve months,  the good old USA has taken the lead over GB.


Sun and fun in the south of France
82 year old Betty thinks she is 28. Go…Betty 😉

In book sales on

What…Is there something else going on?

Not in my world there isn’t.

Crawl out of bed. Throw open the shutters, stare at the unendingly beautiful view, watch boats bobbing about off shore at Antibes ( 15k away) Smell coffee wafting up from neighbour’s kitchen below, look up at a helicopter buzzing overhead…celebrity or commoner (absurd word for the 21 century).

Make a cup of Earl Grey tea ( yep, bits of me are still English) Slice open a local cantaloupe melon—catch the juice—whilst shoving the darkest, almost black cherries, the size of gobstoppers, in my mouth and switch on my computer.

So, how did we do overnight? Result. USA have taken the lead with more sales than the UK. Did I already say that? Sorry (not 😉

Btw. The book’s not perfect, apparently. One of the characters and their stories are so far fetched that it spoils the read ( said one reviewer)  Another character is obviously real, (said another) So believable. Well, ha ha. Because the far fetched events really happened. Me and Laura…you work it out. And the other character is pure fiction. Just goes to prove that I could have been a spy after all. To lie convincingly has to be a gift, right?

So now, see for yourself. Enjoy the read and do try not to stress over every little misplaced or missing comma. Life’s too short! Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many others. Suggest you google me ( never thought I would say that—my, how times have changed ) and find the best deal for your country.

And now time for coffee. Cheers America!




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